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But Why Pole?

Written by Carolina Diaz

The Community of Pole Fitness

If there’s one thing about pole dancing, it brings people together. Yet getting on a pole is such an individual experience. How is that? 

To put it plainly, Pole dancing requires other people. Whether you’re free styling alone in your home or in a studio full of students, your performance and work will always require reference and appreciation for someone else’s work. 

Why Pole Dancing?

With so much masculine energy dominating other forms of fitness, pole dancing allows for a safe welcoming of expression of all kinds of energy, especially the feminine.
 The experience is completely in your hands which can be more liberating than rigid routines. You can even dress however you want! 
As a student on a pole journey it is important that you realize that you are in control of how fast you spin, how high you climb and how sensual you move. 
You are also in control of how much you exert yourself, making everyone's experience entirely their own!

What about Competitive Pole Dance?

Even with pole competitions like The Pole Circus, as much as everyone is excited, the excitement at Girl Next Door Fitness doesn’t come mainly from winning, but seeing the hardwork and dedication of our community pay off.

 Pole dancing is a sport that requires everyone besides the judges to put those personal judgements aside and embrace our fellow dancers’ dedication and time towards the sport. 

The Sisterhood of Gamma Nu Delta 

At Girl Next Door Fitness, we refer to our staff and students as members of our sisterhood. Our sisterhood is composed upon the values of kindness, support, and encouragement for one another. We recognize that for many people pole dancing is beyond fitness, and our community strives to foster that idea. 

We know that for everyone pole dancing looks different and we love that about every single one of our sisters. We aim to bring you to your best self every day, even if she looks different from time to time. 

That being said, our sisterhood is not just a clique. Part of our philosophy is that we will uplift whoever walks into our doors so long as they come to do the same with their sisters. 

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