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The process of progressing in pole

written by Carolina Diaz

If you’ve already started your pole journey then you’ll definitely understand this one.

Newbie Gains…

When you first start pole around the first few months (varies for everyone) as your body conditions to the sport, your gains are extremely noticeable. 
You may see…
  • More energy

  • Grip Strength

  • Muscle Definition

  • Overall boost in confidence

These are the things you want to pay attention for as you seek out progress in your journey. When you notice these things, you know that you are on your way to improving.

But I want more…

As dancers, it is natural to want to always improve, but the one thing I would say to everyone starting a pole journey is to reflect on what you are looking to achieve. If you are focused on the wrong things, your progress is going to be significantly less noticeable especially to yourself: 
Some things to look out for is comparing yourself to:
  • Pole Influencers/ Professionals

  • Aesthetics that may not showcase flaws 

  • Videos that remove foundational concepts

  • Even other students 

Your progress in pole comes from your mentality. If your mind is in the wrong place, so is your body, and believe me, once you start progressing to more advanced material, you need both your mind and body in the right place. 

So how do I know I’m progressing?

Here are some tips…
  • Drill the easy stuff

  • The foundations are the only things that are going to help you progress moves clean and more effortlessly

  • Record everything

  • Instead of watching other people (inspo is never bad) watch videos of yourself and see how much you improve from the week before 

  • Ask questions

  • Your instructors are here to guide your journey and if you find that something foundational isn’t sticking, you may not be the only student thinking the same thing.

  • Stay Consistent 

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