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What's my Flow?

By Carolina Diaz

So, you took your first pole class or you’re thinking about it, but you don’t know how to dance…or, you know how to dance but something is just missing…

Have you found your flow? 

Flow in pole and most dances is your style the way your body interprets the movement presented to it. Just like conversations, people interpret everything in different ways and it is most important to understand that just because your instructor dances a certain way and you are learning from them, it does not mean that you cannot interpret that movement into a way that empowers yourself. 

When doing things like dance that require artistic movement, whether we nail the movement or not, if we’re not feeling it, it just isn’t fun. You may wonder if you’re the only one who feels this way in the room. 

Truth be told, everyone who has danced in a class setting more than likely felt this at one point or another. It’s a completely normal part of the process, especially with pole dance since it requires more thinking than some other dances. 

Starting out, it’s super easy to get caught up in the spins and steps all while trying to make it look graceful within an hour. It’s like your brain is overloaded and oftentimes can even feel like it’s working against you. So, how do you move past this? Mindful Pole Flow.
Mindful Pole Flow
Mindful Pole Flow is a technique and experience that uses grounding techniques like meditation and relaxing body awareness exercises using the pole that allow your mind to ease and guide your body into movement that feels best for you. Learning how to tame the mind and use it as a force with your movement instead of against it is one of the biggest milestones in your dance journey. Especially once you get the opportunity to explore and find your flow.

In Mindful Pole Flow not only will you learn how to calm the mind, you’ll also be using it to help you dance around and on the pole in ways that feel most authentic to your true inner expression.

P.S this is your reminder that your process is so important, enjoy every part of it. 

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