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Pole Dance

Award Winning Instructors

Instagram @sofiercepole
Sofia is a licensed Physical therapist assistant for over 6 years. Specialize in muscular disorders and weakness in adults and kids. Certified pole instructor with over 2 years of pole training in beginner/intermediate pole level tricks as well as flexibility, low flow and floor dance.

Wednesday Beginner Floorwerk 7-8pm, Homeroom- Intro Beg 8-9pm
Thursday Freshman-Beginner Pole 7-8pm, Slow N Sultry Beg 8-9pm
Saturday Freshman Beginner Pole 12-1pm, Open Pole 1-2pm
Instagram Salischarming
Salis Charming has been Teaching Pole for 7 years, IPSF Artistic certified, Liquid motion certified.*2nd Place PSO Orlando -*Judge PSO Pacific 2020*She's also featured in International Pole Sport Federationdictionary for Pencil Pole Move*Former Professional dancer at Channel 31 Azteca America.

Monday Chair Dance 11-12, Freshman Beginner Pole 12-1pm
Wed Chair Dance 6-7pm
Thursday Beginner Pole Showgirl Spin 11-12pm
Instagram: maria_moraes239
Maria has been poling for 4 years. She grew up training in the circus in Brazil since she was 5. Pole sport is her style.  PSO competitor.

Tuesday Nights Freshman- Beginner Pole 7-8pm
Friday Nights  Freshman- Beginner Pole 7-8pm
Sophmore Level 2 Pole 8:10-9:10pm
Instagram: bendy_cynthia
Cynthia began training pole and aerial arts in 2016. She became XPERT certified in Pole 1 & 2 and Flexibility Flow in 2021. In addition to the United States, she has trained at pole and aerial arts studios in Japan and South Korea. Cynthia is excited to share her diverse knowledge and passion for pole and aerial arts with others!
Monday Strech & Condition 5-6pm, Pole Trick Clinic 6-7pm
Wednesday Stretch N Condition 11-12, Pole Trick Clinic 12-1pm
Instagram: gieselaureliapole
Hello my name is Giesel and pole has been a long love of mine for 4 years. Pole has been a place that has helped me flow through all of the emotions and help express myself through art. My intention is to help others foster their own movement through their pole journey by growing, and flourishing.

Monday Beginner Basework Heels 7:10pm-8:10pm
Tuesday Intro to Flow 8:10-9:10pm
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