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The Pole Circus

The Pole Circus has a following of 8k on instagram and would be an extra source of revenue for Girl Next Door Polefitness.

The Pole Circus website has been translate in over 9 languages hosting performers from all across the globe such as Maylasia, America, Hong Kong, Thailand, Iran, New Zealand, France, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, France, Mexico and more…


Previous Events:

Virtual International Pole Camp April 2nd & 3rd 2022

  • Yoko

  • Jordan Kensley

  • Jax Spencer

  • Pole Dance 4 Ukraine April 23rd, 22

  • We raised $500 to help those in Ukraine and we donated it to Red Cross in Ukraine.


  • Valentine Show February 2022

  • Cohost: Colleen Jolly Amy the Pole Comedian Skittles and Estefjimpa,

  • Halloween 10/23/21 was our first event. Our judges were on multiple continents. It was a 4hr event with cohost, Jax Spencer, Deb Roach and Johanna Sapakie.

  • Events we are a part of:

  • Pole Con 2022 Atlanta Georgia

  • Para Pole Showcase

  • Pole ConVirtual 2021

The Pole Circus Website
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