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Do we have Ageism in pole?

Written by Carolina Diaz

When thinking about this week's blog I couldn’t help but think about the way we as women are pressured to be young for as long as possible. 

Our society’s expectation for women has always been nothing short of impossible to say the least, especially with natural things like time passing. The question is, why?


In western society, the idea of aging is associated with belittled value. This is because of the stereotypes that older people do not contribute enough to society the same way younger people do. 

As women in society, the pressure is doubled as we are often faced with outdated tropes that make us already seem helpless.

So where does the pole come into this?

The pole doesn’t discriminate at all, regardless of who you are, if you are trying, you will succeed in pole fitness. 

Still, stereotypes are that pole dance is only for young hustlers which couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact most pole students can range from 18 all the way to 80+!

 Awareness is the cure to ignorance. If we know these things, then there's so much we can do to combat them like:

Dressing how we want for pole classes
  • Focusing on feeling good on the pole with our technique

  • Making a pole a part of our lifestyles

  • Uplifting fellow pole dancers in the studio i

  • Celebrating each other's accomplishments and new tricks

  • Educating people with ideas that pole is only for younger women

On that note, From the Gamma Nu Delta Founder Herself…

Our bodies can do incredible things. I got my splits after my 30’s. Age no longer defines us as women; we're having kids later, getting married later. Don’t let society’s pressure stop you from being the best version of yourself. There’s no age limit to thigh high boots, sexy outfits and feeling confident. Be a badass! ‘
-Salis Charming, 37 

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