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Pole Dancing at ANY Age

written by Salis Charming

Does Pole Dance/Fitness have an age restriction?

What is age restriction? Voting as an age restriction you have to be 18. Drinking has an age restriction you have to be 21. But it various in different cultures and countries. So, does that mean pole have an age restriction? Absolutely not. And this goes both ways in some countries like Australia child have taken to the sport of pole fitness. In the International Pole Convention they brought a senior center to perform dance dancing on stage.

What does that mean to you?

Basically we create our own restrictions.
You can Pole dance at any age! I’ve heard people say that’s only for younger women. Or in my case ‘aren’t you 20 something?’ Nope, I’m 37 and I discovered pole at 29. And after I turned 30, I got a neck pillow and a knee pillow just so I don't wake up with problems, lol.
But we also have to admit that staying active keeps you young, and healthy for longer. The client in the instagram video is 63 years young.

There are Pole Dancer of all ages

Either way I’ve had clients of all ages and backgrounds who do pole and all career paths.
Pole doesn’t discriminate because of our age and neither should you!
Don’t let anything stop you from starting your pole journey the hardest step is always just showing up 😉 from there the instructors at Girl Next Door got your back.
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