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Pole Dancing at the Super Bowl

Pole Dancing has Gone Mainstream by Carolina Diaz

In the past few years, more people are seeing pole dancing in big events like the Super Bowl Halftime show. This change is making pole dancing more popular and accepted in mainstream culture. A type of expression that used to be only in hidden places is now part of lots of people's exercise plans. Pole dancing is now gaining recognition as both an art form and fitness regimen.

Throughout History

Originating in the underground scene of strip clubs, pole dancing carried societal connotations often associated with taboo and objectifying. However, this shifted when everyone found themselves stuck at home during quarantine. With everyone unable to go to their local gym, people got crafty with home fitness and stopped looking down when they realized they could look up (up a pole that is!) 

As the sport grew, it became something seen beyond the strip club scene, especially as social distancing began to redefine our means of intimacy. People started needing a way to use their energy, and now, four years later, poles are gaining respect just like other aerial dance styles such as silks, and even contemporary dance styles that don't use them.

Well, what are the benefits?

Besides a kick ass secret (or not so secret) talent, The benefits of pole include:

Muscle Gain- Bodyweight workouts force ALL muscles to strengthen

Toning- consistent cardio with every class (the fun kind)

Body Awareness- Pole dancing connects us to our bodies in ways similar to yoga as they require mindfulness

Increased confidence- dancing and getting to know your body intimately is the key to increasing confidence. In pole dancing specifically, we learn how our body looks and feels it’s best

Adjustable to your needs- No, the pole doesn’t shift around on its own but the workout is in your hands, you can make it as high or low impact as you feel necessary

Okay…but is it for me?

People are recognizing pole dancing not just for its benefits to individuals but also for its accessibility. Pole dancing is something everyone can do regardless of their body type, age, and sometimes even injury history. As the stigma begins to unsheath a beast of an art form and exercise I urge you to give it a shot!

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